Paul Potenza Photography

After traveling extensively around North America for decades, in the Entertainment Industry, being constantly awed by the beauty of this continent, it was time to start documenting my journey. These scenic vistas have been the background of my life. Often daily having my breath taken away, because of another amazing scene taking place before my eyes.

To put things into perspective, when I started this journey there were no pagers let alone cell phones, or camera phones and limited ways of communications. If you had a penchant for photography, it was a long arduous process. Not only did you have to find “that” photo, after taking it, the film had to be sent to a lab for processing. There was always the option of having a dark room and processing your own film, that was not an option for me being on the road most of the time. Photography became a time consuming, cumbersome hobby, so I shelved it for years.

After giving up the road, and settling back in Toronto, photography pulled me back. When I started looking at photography again and delving into digital photography I was once again hooked.

These are snapshots in time on my journey to discover the beauty and wonders of our world. Please join me on this adventure.